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we’re about 2 weeks into our spring cleaning series here on the blog, and we’ve got so much good stuff left to cover.  by the end of this series, your business will be shiny and fresh and ready for whatever your busy season has in store.  arguably the most important, this post will show you […]

customer relationship management

March 27, 2023

spring clean your customer management system

we’ve all been through customer experiences before  – some great, some that you’d maybe like to forget about, and many that fall somewhere in between.  i know for me, when i have a great experience, i become a lifelong fan of that brand and will continue to support them whenever i can.  on the flip […]

customer experience, customer relationship management, entrepreneurship

February 6, 2023

five ways to improve your customer experience

i'm erin, and i believe that making more time for yourself is completely possible.

i'm a former corporate cubicle-dweller managing millions in inventory turned work-from-home snack source for two tiny people. and i get what it means to be busy.

i've seen how process improvement can change the game. a good system can take you from not knowing which way is up to actually having the time to make more sales, focus on your clients, or, hey, even rest.

i'm telling you - it's possible.

not sure where to start? i've got a quiz that will tell you exactly which area of your business to streamline first, and my best tips on how to do it. interested?

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not sure where to start?

i get it. trying to figure out systems and processes can sometimes feel like trying to find your way out of a corn maze (these are a thing, right? if not, my western pennsylvania is showing...)

that’s why i created a quiz that will tell you exactly which part of your business you should start streamlining first, as well as some of my best tips to get you started.

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