you have

my promise? to help you find it.

more time

 than you think.

work with me

my promise? to help you find it.

hustle culture isn’t the only way to have the business you dream about -
and it certainly isn’t going to give you the life you dream about, either.

around here, we believe

your business should fuel your life

i’ll help you take a holistic look at your entire business to help you figure out where you’re spending the most time for the least amount of impact - and we’ll fix it.

because paying for one system set-up shouldn’t be the end-all, be-all of your business processes.

you work too hard for that.

your systems and processes should...

give you more time to spend doing what really matters - whether that’s making more sales or taking your kid to the park

allow you to get back to your craft - after all, isn’t that the reason you started this business in the first place?

give you the confidence to scale your business to whatever you want it to be - without sacrificing the rest of your life

in my world, a system doesn’t have to be complicated. it can be as simple as the way you go through your email inbox each day or the method you use to plan out your social content…

let’s strip it down and simplify - so we can build it back up in the best way that works for you.

here's how we'll do it...

first - we figure out what the goal is that we want to accomplish, including what the current process looks like, what we want it to look like, and how the result will fit into your overall day-to-day.

you need someone on your side who understands just how busy you are and is there to help you take back control of your to-do list.

finally - we put this thing to work integrating the new system into your current routine, so you can make sure it will really work the way you want it to.




from there - we break the process down into simple steps: eliminating, automating, and delegating where we can to get to your ideal process. 

hi, i’m erin!

i believe that women can change the world - through our words, actions, the babies we raise, and the businesses we start. our challenge is that we can take on so much, that before we even realize it, we become overwhelmed and overworked.

owning a small business is not easy and being an entrepreneur means you’re responsible for it all - even if you have a team to back you up. eventually, you can lose sight of why you even started this thing in the first place.

that’s exactly why i do what i do.

i help woman-owned small businesses - just like you - simplify and streamline your processes and systems, so you can finally have the freedom you work so hard for.


let's find your perfect solution...

1-on-1 support

step-by-step guidance

the l&p experience

you need someone to work with you and tell you exactly how to streamline to get the biggest result - and help you get your life back while you’re at it.

you’ve tried everything to get your systems set up and your business running smoothly, but you just can’t seem to get your day-to-day back to feeling productive rather than like you’re spinning your wheels.

you’re looking for something that can guide you step-by-step to streamline each area of your business to get it running in the most efficient way.

you know you need to make some changes and have a pretty good idea about where your pain points are. you have some time to dedicate to DIY-ing, or it’s just important enough that you’ll make time!

the l&p shop

not sure where to start?

i get it. trying to figure out systems and processes can sometimes feel like trying to find your way out of a corn maze (these are a thing, right? if not, my western pennsylvania is showing...)

that’s why i created a quiz that will tell you exactly which part of your business you should start streamlining first, as well as some of my best tips to get you started.

get the lates

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