you’ve spent months overwhelmed with a million details - and all you really want to do is literally anything else.

let's do something about it.

you dream of waking up knowing exactly what you’re doing that day, and actually going to bed feeling like you accomplished it all.

enough is enough.

work with me

because companies lose 20-30% of revenue every year due to being inefficient - yep, even yours.

and even the parts of business that you’re spread too thin to really go all in on - like going the extra mile to make a client’s experience that much better or getting coffee with a new contact who could later bring you more sales opportunities.

i get it, you’re tired of missing out on so much of your life - time with family, time to rest, or to try that new skincare you saw on tiktok.

introducing the l&p experience, a suite of 1-on-1 services built to help you simplify, streamline, and get back to why you started your business in the first place.

it's time to give yourself permission to end the overwhelm - once and for all.

sounds great, but what's the cost?

sure, you could continue doing it all yourself - the long nights responding to every email, the nagging feeling that you’re forgetting to do something, the constant desire to do more but not having the time to actually do it.

but at the end of the day, it’s your life you’re missing out on. is it really worth it?

option 1

from $127

this is the service for you if...
  • you need help making a decision - on anything from hiring a new team member to the best way to filter through the 578 new emails in your inbox
  • you have systems and process questions that need answers like…yesterday
  • you need someone to bounce ideas off of, tell all your problems to, or just listen while you straighten things out in your own head
  • you prefer to work with someone by-the-hour

  • short and sweet questionnaire - tell me what’s up! what are you hoping to get from our time together? how can i help?
  • 60-minute recorded call - an hour of my time that’s all yours. have questions? great. need to talk through the logistics of setting up a system or funnel? awesome. want to tell me all about your latest favorite restaurant? perfect!
  • my expertise - i am a details and logistics girl through and through (with a degree to back me up!), and i promise to give you my best advice on tackling anything you come up with
  • notes write-up - get all of my notes from our call, including any relevant resources that we go over or that i think up afterwards that may help!

what's included:

pay for what you need! a power hour for whatever systems and process problems are on your mind right now.

strategy call

custom process plan

from $297

  • you need someone to evaluate your current processes and tell you exactly what to do to get the result you want
  • you’re making a hire soon and want to hand over processes that are working, documented, and exactly how you want them
  • you need a recommendation on a system to improve the process you currently have
  • you need step-by-step instructions on exactly how to simplify and streamline your business

this is the service for you if…
get a custom plan tailored juuuuust right to your business and never have to wonder “what do i do?” again.

option 2

  • 60-minute recorded kick-off call - you lay it all out there and tell me what’s what - where your pain points are, what is working, and what you want to see happen
  • 2-week turnaround - i’ll get to work going through my signature 6-step system that will result in a step-by-step plan for you to get your time back
  • comprehensive custom plan - you’l receive a custom plan complete with my analysis findings and actionable steps for you to simplify and streamline to get to your dream daily operations
  • 60-minute plan review call - after your plan delivery, we’ll schedule another call to go over your plan, where you can ask me any questions and make sure you know exactly where to start
  • SOP (standard operating procedure) creation - you’ll also get a shiny new SOP so your new processes are already documented. hiring some help? all you’ll have to do is send this over to them and they’ll be ready to roll

what's included:

operations management

payment plans available!

  • you’ve got a launch, transition, or another big project coming up and want to make sure your logistics are straight before you really get too far into it
  • your business is at the point where you need someone to be managing the operations, but you’re not ready to make an in-house hire
  • you need someone with experience managing the more detailed side of logistics
  • you have a long-term project in the works and want someone to be there for the long haul
  • you just feel like you need a second-in-command to help you with decision making, big transitions, managing your team, or any and all of the above

this is the service for you if…
need ongoing ops support? consider me your new chief operations officer

option 3

  • this can be pretty flexible! - l&p is there to answer process improvement questions, brainstorm ideas, audit current processes, create SOPs, set up systems, or any and all of the above (or anything else!)
  • more experienced work - with my background, i can also do tasks such as manage inventory, figure out sourcing, work with production, analyze supply and demand, etc.
  • custom communication plan - because every business (and business owner) is different, we can create a communication plan that works for you - recorded monthly calls, emails, texts (within business hours!) can all be included
  • weekly digital accountability check-in - i’ll send you a weekly download of everything going on on my end, so you always know exactly what to expect from me
  • unlimited priority email access - when your name pops into my inbox, it’s at the top of my list!

customized proposal

customized proposal

from $897/month

my happiness guarantee - if you’re not happy with your purchase, neither am i. if within 30 days, you’re finding that this just isn’t working for you, hop on a quick call with me and i’ll do my best to make it right.

just so you know, i only have a few spots available each month (and they go quick)! so contact me soon if you have any questions!

l&p promise

terms and conditions

hey! i’m erin, and i help women like you simplify and streamline your processes so you can have the business (and life!) you’ve been working so hard for.

with a degree in logistics and years of corporate experience to back me up, i’ll help you go from overwhelmed to overjoyed as you gain control of your to-do list and get back to why you started this thing in the first place.

it's possible.

are you in?

you know you’re losing money because you can’t do it all

you’re tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and are ready to actually move somewhere

you’re open to new ideas and willing to trust someone who knows how to help you

you’re committed to the making a change and are ready to participate fully in the process

you're a perfect fit for this if...

you see the value in the time it takes to implement systems that will get you further

women who have worked with me before have asked…

great! we love a detailed queen. just shoot an email over to and i’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.

i have more questions, how can i get in touch?

if you’re overwhelmed and are ready to do something about it or if your business is at the point of scaling (and anywhere in between!), this is for you. i believe there is always room for improvement, so i’ve built my products and services to help you at any stage.

how do i know if this is right for me?

that’s up to you! all of my services begin with a virtual coffee date so i can get to know you and your business, then depending on which service you chose, i’ll either take it from there or we’ll continue to work closely over the course of our contract.

how involved will i be in the process?

that’s okay! everything in the shop and all of our services are meant to walk you through each step, so you should know exactly what to expect next as you go through it. and of course, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

what if i’ve never gone through a project like this before?

phewwww, i get it. while improving your processes does take a bit of time up front, it pays off tenfold - you will save so. much. time. when it’s done. however, if you have concerns about whether the season of business/life you’re in right now will allow you to be successful working with l&p, send an email over and we can talk about it!

i don’t know if i have time for this?

unfortunately, due to the nature of digital products, i’m unable to offer refunds for anything in the shop. if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, send me an email and i’ll do my best to make it right.

do you offer refunds?

it doesn't have to be like this.

and sure, you could keep doing things the same until something finally gives. or you could fumble your way through youtube videos trying to set up a new system that you think will help. but if you don’t look at your business as a whole to figure out exactly how that system fits in, you’re leaving money on the table.

these spots fill up quick - so let me know soon if you’re interested!

we can take back control of your to-do list and get you off the hamster wheel

are you ready? i can’t wait to work with you!

not sure where to start?

i get it. trying to figure out systems and processes can sometimes feel like trying to find your way out of a corn maze (these are a thing, right? if not, my western pennsylvania is showing...)

that’s why i created a quiz that will tell you exactly which part of your business you should start streamlining first, as well as some of my best tips to get you started.

get the lates

want to get in touch? i'd love to hear from you!
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