but you’re still so overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks
that you have very little freedom to show for it…

so, you started your dream business (and it’s booming!),

that's ok! you're in the right place!


like mr. rogers said, “all of us, at some time or other, need help”, i’ve got you if:

you’re burnt out or are close to it and don’t even know which way is up, let alone how to get out of it

rest isn’t even a word in your vocabulary right now

you want to use your current traction to scale, but you want to do it in a way that won’t make you lose your mind

it can be difficult to figure out why you don’t have the flexibility you envisioned when you first felt those butterflies while clicking “submit” on your business name registration.

difficult, yes, but not impossible. 

hi i'm erin

i’m a wife, mama, and pittsburgh-based process improvement consultant who believes that women can truly have it all.

i used to spend my days in a windowless cubicle sending email after email and wondering if i really had to do this same thing for the rest of my life. 7 years later, i packed it up and decided that i was going to do things differently.

since i was a kid, i’ve always been obsessed with details. i’m talking customer-feedback-note-taking at a mid-summer lemonade stand and if you asked about the latest amelia bedelia book i was reading, you’d get a 10-minute long “summary”.

i want to know the why and the how. as an adult, this culminated in a bachelors’ degree in logistics and working at a fortune 500 company managing millions of dollars in inventory.

now, i help woman-owned small businesses simplify & streamline their processes - so they can finally have the freedom they work so hard for.

lou & pine's core values







breaking things down into their simplest form, the only way to have true clarity

constantly striving to find what’s possible without losing ourselves

doing the best we can with the information we have - because no one is perfect, but we’re enough

trusting ourselves and the people we choose to work with to make the best decisions we can

hearing, seeing, and believing those around us so we can find common ground

continuously working toward improving ourselves and the world we live in

wondering what to expect next?

step 1

head on over to my services page where you can browse through all the ways we can work together. pick the one that fits you best and let’s get started!

step 2

we’ll get to work in the nitty gritty details of how your business runs - figuring out what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do about it

step 3

you get clarity, systems and processes that make sense, a routine to maintain them, and you can finally take a deep breath

rather play joanna gaines and DIY? i get it!

visit the shop for process guides that will walk you through how to streamline your business on your own.

let's play a game

put a finger down if...

  1. in 4th grade, the boy sitting next to you made fun of you for forgetting how to spell the word “friends” but you still ended up marrying him 15 years later
  2. your little sister once swung a golf club and missed the ball but hit your forehead and you still have a scar above your eyebrow to prove it
  3. your first job out of college was at a major global food company managing the production of pizza bagels, frozen mexican food, and tubs of frozen whipped cream
  4. at the same job, one time you passed warren buffett in the hallway when he was looking for the restroom
  5. you went to a rascal flatts concert on your first baby’s due date and he eventually had to be evicted from your body via c-section 12(!) days later

…aaaaand i’m out!

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